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Bluerobotics apm fork

(Jacob) #1

I would really appreciate some degree of elaboration on the “slight modifications” that were made to the apm rover code for integration with the bluerov ROS package.

I am currently trying to modify the copter code in order to see if I can use their control loops for a custom asymmetrical motor configuration.

In particular, which files were modified, and for what reason?

(Jacob) #2

I see now that github shows the changes made for each commit. Git’s a great tool that I have yet to learn.


(Rusty) #3


Our changes are very minimal because, at the moment, we are only using the APM as an interface to the thrusters and sensors. We only changed about 3 lines of code to enable updating the thrusters through MAVLink messages.

For your information, and others following along, we will be spending a lot of time on the code in January and the next few months and we will be moving more of the control to the APM.