BlueOS SiK radio connection

Hi everyone, i am just preping a boat for it first wet tests and thismoring I updated the navigator to v1.2.2 and the autopilot to rover 4.5.1
All went well, settings and params seem to carry through but for the life of me I cannot get connection over the 3dr sik telemetry radios. I have had connection prior to updates but not since.
I have updated all sik radio firmware, and in mission planner the rx radio parameters load in next to the tx radio so I can see all the settings are identical and I know they are talking to each other.
I get the feeling the issue is with the navigator serial connection but all the parameters are the same as before with serial 3 been set to mavlink and 57000 baud rate . I just get a “no heartbeats detected” messsage. Ethernet connection works fine. Is there anything else I can check?


It sounds like you’ve covered a lot of the common troubleshooting steps already. Since you’re experiencing a “no heartbeats detected” message, here are a few additional things you might want to check:

Serial Port Configuration: Verify that the serial port configuration hasn’t changed after the update. Ensure that the correct serial port is selected for MAVLink communication.

Baud Rate Consistency: Double-check that the baud rate is consistent across all devices and the configuration settings in the software.

Net ID: Ensure that the Net ID of the radios is the same. If they differ, the radios won’t be able to communicate with each other.

Ground Control Software: Sometimes, the issue might be with the ground control software itself. Consider reinstalling or updating the Mission Planner software.

Wiring and Connections: Inspect all the wiring and connections to make sure there are no loose or damaged wires.

Radio Firmware: You’ve mentioned updating the Sik radio firmware, but it might be worth checking if there’s a specific version recommended for the new versions of the navigator and autopilot you’ve installed.

Firewall and Antivirus: Check if your firewall or antivirus software is blocking the connection.
Hardware Fault: There could be a hardware fault with the radio or the serial port on the navigator. Try testing with a different set of radios if possible.

Check Documentation: Review the documentation for any known issues with the updates you’ve installed that might affect radio communication.

I hope the information may helps you.

Best regards,
Yvonne Rhodes

Thanks. Ive been through everything now but the serial connection issue still persists.
-Telemetry radios all work with spare old pixhawk even when updated to same rover 4.5.1 firmware
using same cables even in serial 3 port as I had configured on BlueRobotics navigator board.
-I reconfigured serial 1 port on navigator from RC in parameters to mavlink protocol and connection through telem radio is working through this port consistently.
Trouble is RC input steals serial 1 port (which i find strange as normal pixhawk or variations of do not)
and serial 3 and 4 do not seem to work as serial for maklink post update. I think this issue is in navigator. I may role back firmware to see what changes.

Update to the situation. It appears that I can only get a mavlink telemetry connection on serial 3 or 4 IF serial 1 is configured as mavlink and not RCIN
As soon as I revert serial1 back to RCIN with 1/2 duplex and rcpullup settings for sbus and do a full power cycle I lose any mavlink connection to serial 3 or 4 on the navigator.
GPS continues to work on Serial 4 so the connection is not faulty
As soon as I change serial1 from RCin to Mavlink 2 protocol, I gain back telemetry radio connection to the other serial ports. I take it this is not supposed to happen and may be a firmware fault?

Hi @andrewjamez,

Would you mind giving BlueOS master a try? we had an issue where a service is setting the serial ports to 115200 when it shouldn’t.

Thanks, I have done the update and getting a bootstrap update available but you get warnings when you click on it. Am i recommended to do this bootstrap update?

Thanks, Andrew

Hi @andrewjamez -
It’s generally only necessary to do a bootstrap update for stable versions, so if the system has a problem it reverts to a safe software version. Therefore, as the Master branch is actively being developed, it would not be recommended to apply the bootstrap update.
Did updating to Master resolve the issue with the Radios for you?

Hi Tony, sorry, no change with the master version.
I have a couple of options to try out. When I set up the navigator with the omniscan 250 I cloned the original BlueOS microSD card to a bigger capacity card.
If I insert the supplied card into the Pi will it boot up like a new install? so I can re check the serial behaviour?
If unresolvable then another option is to use a true serial receiver like crossfire that can carry telemetry as well. Its just that mavlink telem over crossfire has questionable range.


Hi everyone, heres an update on things. I have serial ports all connecting now to mavlink telemetry.
As long as I run the telemetry on 115200 baud then the telemetry modem will connect on any serial port when Serial 1 is configured for RCIN.
If I fall back to 57000 for telemetry, I get no connection unless Serial 1 is configured to mavlink protocol.
Strange thig is it never effected the GPS running standard baud
This may have been a standing issue that I never picked up on until now…