BlueOS on Raspbery pi 5

I have raspberry pi 5 and I am trying to install BlueOS. When I install raspbery pi os lite 64 bit, it works when I install it, but I have a problem like this: There is no problem while installing, but after installing, wifi cannot be used, raspbery pi connects, but wifi and most of the other features are not available and it gives a continuous error message. If I try to install raspberry pi os lite 32 bit it gets docker error and never installs.

Hi @yusufcelalcelik -
Unfortunately you’re jumping the gun into unsupported territory - BlueOS does not yet support the Raspberry Pi 5! Apologies!

Hi Tony! So, when will support for raspberry pi 5 be released and is there anything I can do? I need to make it work somehow for 5

Hi @yusufcelalcelik -
We may have support by the end of the year. You can see some tips in the meantime here.

I had the same question/concern. in the end, I went back to Pi4B and so far happy. Curious why you can’t/won’t use Pi4B?