BlueOS faulty upgrade, reinstall Blueboat

Ok, we’ve confirmed the issue is still present on v1.2 beta 2 - sorry for chasing the wrong path there. But I do have a fix for now!

In the file browser (pirate mode, left menu), navigate to this path: /configs/ardupilot-manager/firmware/scripts
Then put this .lua file there, but only after removing the .txt extension (necessary to upload to our forum.)
lights.lua.txt (4.2 KB)

Restart the vehicle and try to update the parameters - the issue should be almost completely resolved! You (might) have only one parameter fail to write - MOT_THST_ASYM - issues with the Navlight should be fixed. This parameter is only in Rover 4.4.0, which has been fixed and should be ready for testing - it means the boat can go 1.6x faster in forward than reverse and shouldn’t affect performance much. You can download this firmware directly here, it should be selectable in BlueOS easily soon.

Thanks for your patience!

p.s. - 1.2 beta 2 does have the fix for the system reverting to “factory” BlueOS, which can be quite annoying! You do need to Update Bootstrap after applying the update for this to take effect.