BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.23 relay not working anymore?


I have update to BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.23 and now the relay is not working anymore.
Are there any settings that have been changed in BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.23 ?
I have now go back again to BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.15 but the relay is not working.

I have now discovered that all the settings ( Parameters) I had in the QGroundControl is gone,it has reverted to default.

when i installed BlueOS 1.1.0-beta.23,why did my save settings( Parameters) disappear?

I saw that it has come up unknown:14 and unknown:15 see picture.

I have found out what is wrong,the problem was ArduSub Firmware.

It has been replaced by 4.1.0 this version does not have a relay function.

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Hi @an-ron,

Thanks for pointing this out - I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue :slight_smile:

The new configuration wizard in BlueOS 1.1 automatically installs the latest stable autopilot firmware for the selected vehicle type, which ordinarily is desirable behaviour but (as you’ve found) the relay support for the Navigator is currently only available in ArduSub 4.1.1 beta.

Hopefully we can release a new stable ArduSub version soon so that that doesn’t occur, and we might also modify the wizard behaviour to only install a stable firmware if it’s more recent than the one that’s already installed (assuming that’s practical to determine).