BlueBoat propellers - general availability

First of all: congratulations with the introduction of the new BlueBoat 120!

It looks very nice and versatile and I hope it becomes a success for you and your customers.

Now on to the question: will the propeller (together with the mount and motor?) be available for separate purchase?

I have a use-case with a more traditional AUV shaped vehicle where this could be better than the regular T200/T500 thrusters.

Hi @kjetilei,

Thanks! It’s a project that’s been years in the making, and we’re really excited to see what it enables :smiley:

We are definitely planning to offer the M200 motor as a standalone product (which was shown in our April newsletter*). It’s currently undergoing the final internal approvals before we launch it.

It makes sense for us to also sell spares of the BlueBoat propellers, but I’m not certain when that will start. It could be around the time of the M200 launch, but may also be after the early bird BlueBoats start shipping, or when the BlueBoat is launched as generally available.

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These are now available :slight_smile:

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