Can you buy the m200?

Also, is there a housing built for the motor? I have been using cheap motors and burning through them, and would like to try BR.


Hi @Darren1,

The motor will have threaded holes for convenient mounting, and (like our thruster motors) is designed to operate flooded (with anodisation and epoxy coatings preventing corrosion as appropriate). What features are you imagining a separate housing would provide?

Great to hear. Do you have an ETA? I have been using imported brushless motors that I fit inside an aluminum housing that look very similar to the M200, but I am unclear on how yours mount. Our ASV are powered by a single motor, and found this design to be the best in weeds and shallow water, but current motors on the market are not reliable at all. Thank you!

It’s undergoing its final review, and we’re aiming to launch it towards the end of this quarter.

The specifics will be available in the images, CAD model, and technical details table once the M200 is launched :slight_smile:

It’s now been released :slight_smile: