BlueBoat positioning accuracy

Hey readers,

I want to utilize a BlueBoat for monitoring, however it needs to maneuver in between small lakes, smallest sections are 30 cm connections between the lakes and monitoring on the sides. The GPS accuracy is in meter level, so would the BlueBoat be able to do that based on it additional hardware or would it bump on the shore. If so, can i just change the gps to a rtk-gnss which connects to the base-station or do i need to to have an additional basestation for the rtk-gnss.

Hi @thomvanrij -
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I would not think the BlueBoat GPS would be accurate enough to navigate a 30cm path or entrance - relative accuracy to another vehicle may be that good, but the global position is as you say on the order of meter precision. Best of luck with your rtk-gnss integration - let us know if you get stuck implementing this!