BlueBoat First time setup

Just recived my BlueBoat.
The Navigation ligth stopped bliniking when i updated the firmware 4.5.1 and blueOS 1.2.2
Also it says in QGS that radio needs to be calibrated before use of the boat.

I managed to calibrate the Accelerometer and compass. but in the manual it says to check direction on truster in the motor page on channel C and D but mine are on channel A and B
What is wrong here. I checked wiring diagram and it is on channel 1 and 3 as stated


In the same boat re the nav light. After updating firmware the light is solid. Downgrading autopilot to 4.4.0 fixed this for me.

Hi @Pezman -
You can ignore the radio calibration in QGround Control, this is only necessary if you’re using an RC radio/receiver in conjunction with your BlueBoat.
To get the light blinking again, and potentially corret the AB/CD channel issue, please re-run the vehicle setup wizard and select the parameters file for BlueBoat. You can find this option at the bottom of the left menu in BlueOS, under the settings gear.

It does not let me choose a paramter file when running the wizard

Hi @Pezman -
Is BlueOS connected to WiFi with internet? It will need to be to download parameters. You may also benefit from updating to BlueOS 1.2.3

Yes, it has been connected to internet through wifi during the wizard. But it says there is no parameter
I’ll try and update the blueOS and rerun the wizard