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Blue Robotics is Hiring a Test Engineer!

Hello, friends!

Just wanted to jump on here to share that we’re currently looking for a Test Engineer in the greater Los Angeles area to join our team. This role would work very closely with both our R&D and Manufacturing Engineering teams at our main facility, with occasional travel (safety permitting) to Victoria, BC.

Sound interesting? Do you know somebody? We’re accepting applications through the end of this week and will start phone interviews ASAP. Thanks for checking it out/passing it along!


I wish you hire someone in Croatia :slight_smile:

Hi @Gumma,

This role in particular is for a Test Engineer, which requires things like “Maintaining and developing testing equipment”, and “Assisting in Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action activities”, so needs in-person access to our manufacturing and testing equipment. Other hardware-related roles are generally similar - it’s not particularly feasible to fly someone across the world every week to make sure they can access the equipment they’re developing or fixing.

Having said that, not all of our roles require that physical presence, and many of those other roles are remote, which means they aren’t as location-constrained. I’m in Australia, for example, and we have others working elsewhere around the world :slight_smile: