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Better IMU - Different Hardware

I know the subject of external IMUs for ardusub has been asked before here, but this seemed to be pixhawk specific.

My understanding is that there has been progress in ardupilot master to support external IMUs as of this github issue. But that sounds a bit too down the pipeline for what I’m looking for.

I did some preliminary research for different flight controllers and I didn’t find too many that ArduSub said it supported. So, the question: Does anyone know of a flight controller that works with ArduSub that I could plug in and external IMU to?

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I am also interested in this question.

I’ve got a high end IMU integrated with the LIDAR and multibeam on my USV. It would be nice to pull that high quality filtered heading and orientation data into Ardupilot. I mean, the data is already pinging around on the ships network as NMEA…

+1 here.

For autonomous vehicles, custom feedback for odometry is needed. We have high and IMU integrated with a DVL. But currently due to this fact we are using our own hardware with our own code, which is just a motor driver with some PID controller + sensor interfaces.

Looking forward for an update on this.