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Best way to go through calibration process


Going through the initial calibration process can get a bit combersome.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get this done quickly and on the first try?


Hi @etienne is there a particular section of the process, or just all of it? (Accelerometer, compass, thrusters, joystick?)

Sorry, just the sensors part where you have to rotate the ROV around all axis.

Takes a long time then the progress bar freezes and have to start again.

I had to do this with a client and it took us like 10 tries and about an hour…

Ah ok, that one can be a bit tricky sometimes. The trick is to just keep the vehicle moving during the calibration.

Besides doing the “dance” we have also placed the ROV in a rotating office chair and rotated it around and changed the axis about once every 2 revolutions. That method is a bit easier for heavier ROVs.

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