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Battery problem

(wdodo) #1

happily,we bought a bluerov,but not include battery。how about LIPO battery。 High-capacity LiPo is about 25C,is it enough

(Jacob) #2

We recommend our 18AH Lithium-Ion Battery, or something like these. Do you have a battery on hand? The capacity, voltage, and C rating are what is needed to determine if it is adequate.


(wdodo) #3

because I come from china witch can not buy. I want to buy Lipo 4S 16AH,25C,is it enough

(Jacob) #4

That sounds like it will be enough, but you should make sure the dimensions of the battery will allow it to fit inside the battery enclosure. I think we may be able to supply you a battery in China. Please reach out to support@bluerobotics.com to inquire.


(wdodo) #5

hi Jacob,
sorry to bother you,when I assembled the BlueRov,I find that some parts which I do not install。

it looks oil tube。but i dont know where andhow to install them

(Kaos) #6

The parts you see are for vacuum testing the watertight enclosures. 1 hose from vacuum pump onto t connector and 2 hoses on each side of t connector have the plugs with o rings on ends.
Remove vent plugs from enclosures (1each) and push fit plugs with o rings into vent holes.

This link tells all.

(Kaos) #7

Here is another link to show you the vacuum pump setup

(Kaos) #8

Oops sorry, phone got the better of me again.
This link


(wdodo) #9

there has another question,how to set servoand joystick。

Do you have a template about camera setup and tell me which button control servo。
today,I tested thrusters and lumen,there seemed wonderful。

(Jacob) #10

On the joystick page, ‘mount_tilt_up’ and ‘mount_tilt_down’ will set up buttons for the servo. On the camera page, you need ‘Input Channel’ set to 8 for gimbal tilt.


(wdodo) #11

sir,there still have two problems which need to be solved.
First when push the button,the speed of 5 thruster is different between 6 thruster,is this phenomenon normal?
Second,when speed up,some bluerov thusters will make harsh sound,it seems metal friction(low speed has not phenomen),

(Kaos) #12

Not sure about the difference in thruster speed but the thrusters should only be run at low revs for short periods out of water as they use water for lubrication. The thrusters do sometimes squeal out of water and it is important not to run them in air for very long so there is no overheating produced.
Hope this helps

(Jacob) #13

The two vertical motors should match each other in speed. Can you give more information about the behavior of the motors? What mode are you using when you observe this? How significant is the difference in speed?


(wdodo) #14

For example,when I push the descend button slightly,the number of 5 thruster starts working without 6,push button forward,the number of 6 thruster starts working.when stop, the number of 6 thruster stops quickly than 5.I have changed RC2-trim parameter(PWM1530),now machine works well.
there still has two questions.
first,I spent half a hour assemblying Bluerov,the electronic cabin had little heat。when placeing in the water , acrylic ball cover had some water drops which affected Photoshop effects
second,as bluerov descend the bottom of pool(depth sensor showed -0.7m),I pushed depth hold mode,but the bluerov ascend to the surface of water,during this period,I have not pushed any button,what is the problem.

(Jacob) #15

We recommend placing some desiccant in the electronics enclosure in order to dry the air and mitigate condensation forming.

It sounds like your vertical motors may be configured backwards. Try changing the value of both the MOT_5_DIRECTION and MOT_6_DIRECTION parameters.


(wdodo) #16

today,I tried to change the calue of both 5and 6the direction。it seems can depth hold.there still something wrong .I record a video and upload on facebook。The problem is after I push depth hold button,the 6 mot start working except 5,then 5 start working without 6,is it normal phenomenon。
my facebook is

(Jacob) #17

This video link is broken. It is normal for thrusters 5 and 6 to spin differently to a certain degree in depth hold mode. This is because the vehicle is stabilizing both its depth and its angle.


(wdodo) #18

try this

(Jacob) #19

Can you upload the video to youtube/google drive/dropbox or email it to support@bluerobotics.com?

(wdodo) #20

I have sent you email about my problem which confuse me all the time
hope you can help me