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Battery power cable


I would like some more informations on the “Battery power cable for the BlueROV2 with pre-installed penetrators and bullet connectors” (BROV2-CAB-POWER-BULLET-CONNECTOR-R1-RP).

What are the length, the cable size (AWG), the max voltage and the max nominal current ? There is only the Description field on the web site.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @GCT,

This cable is the power cable for the BlueROV2, and is identical to what it normally ships with. The overall length is about 400 mm, with about 80 mm free from the internal end of the penetrator. The wire is 12 AWG, and when used with the BlueROV2 handles up to 90 A constant. The highest voltage we have tested is 48 V.


Hi @adam,
Thank you for your reply.
400 mm is not enough for my application so I will use your high power cable and 2 penetrators. What are the connectors you use ? I have around 90A to pass.

Standard 3.5 mm bullet connectors are the largest connectors that can pass through the penetrator holes and nuts, and we use those here.


Thank you Adam !