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BlueROV2 Heavy Conf. max current


I have some doubts on the electrical side:

Considering max current for the 8 T200 version of the BlueROV2 (Heavy duty) according to the data for the T200 at full speed the current by each one should be around 20Amps (I assume 16V battery will drop to 14V on that scenario)
But must components are rated to much less current than 160Amps, like the power terminal block or the PSM, even most wires.

So how does it work? should I change some config on the Qgroundcontrol? is there something that I’m missing?


Hi @tguajard,

No, you will not need to change any change settings in QGC, please see here for a basic explanation of the practical BlueROV2 current draw:

It’s also important to note that the highest current draw on the ROV will happen in short spikes, which is very different demand wise from a sustained constant draw for component ratings.