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Bar30 python compilation error

(Mehmet Çölgeçen) #1

I’m trying to run the bar30 sensor with the sample code in raspberry pi, but I’m getting a compile error.

I take the library in github. I fix the snytax errors

Can you help with this?

question 2: Can I run this module with stm32f4 without using modul?

(Patrick José Pereira) #3


How did you installed the library ?
As you can see here:

The original code does not contain a syntax error, I would recommend a git clone to prevent such errors: git clone https://github.com/bluerobotics/ms5837-python, remember to install git with: sudo apt install git.

We have an Arduino library here:

You could take a look on it to help you with the stm32 code.

(Mehmet Çölgeçen) #4

I installed the library by cloning.

I will try again.

Can I run this BAR30 with stm32f4 without using I2C module?

Thank you for your interest

(Patrick José Pereira) #5


The MS5837 only provides an I²C interface.

(Mehmet Çölgeçen) #6


I haven’t got “I2C Level Converter”

Can I run this BAR30 with stm32f4 without using “I2C Level Converter”?

I couldn’t tell you my trouble. excuse me :slight_smile:

(Patrick José Pereira) #7

STM32F4 I²C TTL is 3.3V, so you don’t need the I²C level converter.

(Mehmet Çölgeçen) #8


I encountered an error again

traceback(most recent call last)

(Mehmet Çölgeçen) #9

[Remote I/O error