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Bar30 Depth/Pressure Sensor

(json) #1

I want to launch a Pressure Sensor with Arduino
But I do not have this piece => I2C Level Converter
Can I launch without this?

(Jacob) #2

No. You need a logic level converter or the sensor will be damaged.

(json) #3

I bought this sensor
So I can connect to the Arduino without the logical level converter?

(Jacob) #4

No. The logic level converter is necessary. This product says it is 5V logic compatible, but if there is not a converter embedded in the board, they are wrong.

(json) #5

I want to launch a Pressure Sensor with Raspberry pi 3
I bought this Sensor
I connect the pins in this way
VCC=pin1 Raspberry pi 5V
GND=pin6 Raspberry pi GND
SDA=pin3 Raspberry pi SDA
SCL=pin5 Raspberry pi SCL
This error occurs when the Python code runs:
Bus 1 is not available.
Available busses are listed as /dev/i2c*
Sensor could not be initialized

help me

(Jacob) #6

Enable the i2c interface with raspi-config.

(json) #7

I enabled i2c
I’m still in error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "example.py", line 12, in <module>
if not sensor.init():
File "/home/pi/ms5837-python/ms5837.py", line 71, in init
self._bus.write_byte(self._MS5837_ADDR, self._MS5837_RESET)
IOError: [Errno 121] Remote I/O error

(Patrick José Pereira) #8

Run i2cdetect to check if the sensor is connected.

(Jacob) #9

i2cdetect does not work for some reason. Use i2cdump.