BAR30 incompitable with Cube Orange Plus

Hi dear forumers,
We have BAR30 mounted on our vehicle and we recently got a new Cube Orange Plus for our underwater vehicle. But we couldn’t made BAR30 work with the Cube Orange Plus. We tried to solve the problem with different apporoaches but couldn’t find any solution. Also BAR30 works on Pixhawk 2.4.8 with no problem. So this leads us to think Ardusub haven’t implemented for making BAR30 work with Cube Orange Plus yet.

What could be the problem here, do you have any ideas about this situation? What we can try to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance,
Have a good one.

Hi @toosat,

Apologies for the slow response on this.

The Bar30 connectivity is handled by a library in ArduPilot that doesn’t seem to have any flight-controller specific restrictions, so it seems unlikely this is an ArduSub implementation issue.

ArduSub needs to be told where to look for its external barometer (using the BARO_EXT_BUS parameter), and from a quick look at the Cube connector ports it seems like I2C 2 is the relevant port, which would need to be set manually (either in BlueOS’s autopilot parameters page or in QGC) because it’s not one of the options ArduSub is documented to expect.

I suspect that’s the issue here, although you’ll also need to make sure that the MS5837 bit (9) is enabled in the BARO_PROBE_EXT bitmask so that ArduSub knows to expect that kind of sensor. I believe that should be enabled by default.