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Bar100 Pressure Sensor


I am looking at the Bar100 pressure sensor.
The sensor seems to come with no particular protection on the sensing diaphragm. Keller’s safe handling instruction indicate to not touch this side of the sensor. What is your experience with this please? Is there any requirements to add a different protection, such as something like this below with just a small hole for pressure port?


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Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the post!

You are correct that the sensor face is sensitive to contact. We ship the sensors with a plastic cover that is intended to protect the sensor while not in use. If there is a reasonable chance that the sensor will come into contact with a hard or sharp object while in use, you might want to add some protection. While we haven’t tried it, it might work to punch a few small holes in the protective storage cap and leave it in place during deployment.

I haven’t heard of any customers reporting this kind of damage, but I’ll make an engineering note that we should look into better protecting the face on the next revision.


Thanks Brian !