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Balancer plug pull tab

Where can you get these? The new battery comes with one, but what if I don’t want a new battery but I do want the pull tab

These things, but for a 4S battery. The naming is kinda weird so we made up the “pull tab” designation to fit what it really does. :man_shrugging:

You can find the things on Amazon too. I’ve used these, and the fit and finish seemed pretty good. I can’t really vouch for any of the other brands.

As Kevin said, the naming of these things is a little odd…


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Hi Kevin,

i’m a new user in “ROV World”, about the 14.8V Lithium Ion battery, could you explain me what is the role of the balance plug?
The thermistor plug is a safety protection using by charger in order to control battery temperature, but i don’t understand the role of the balance plug? is for the charger too?

Hi @marcounet here you go: https://sites.google.com/site/tjinguytech/charging-how-tos/balance-connectors/

The thermistor plug isn’t used by the charger. It is reserved for a future use.

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Hi Kevin,

Very thanks for these informations!!
have a nice day!

Hi Kevin,

Do you know if ROV community uses the thermistor plug of the BR2 Li-Ion Battery to control battery temperature during diving? I see that temperature sensor is NTC type .

Best Regards,

@marcounet I am not aware of anyone in the community using the thermistor plug for anything on our battery packs.