Autopilot and Pi compatibility with WaterLinked Underwater GPS


I recently upgraded from a Pi3 with Pixhawk (running Companion 0.0.31, ArduSub 4.1.0 beta) to a Pi4 with Navigator (running BlueOS 1.0.1). Because the DVL I hoped to run on the new setup is not currently working, I am trying to learn what are the options to run a WL Underwater GPS instead (an old generation 1 type that I have not previously set up, not the currently supported G2).

I understand that BlueOS does not (yet) support the WL UWGPS. Questions are:
1- Is BlueOS support for WL UWGPS under active development, and will it matter that my system is not the G2?
2- Can I re-install Companion 0.0.31 on the Pi4 and run UWGPS with the Navigator, or is it necessary to go back to the Pixhawk for that? (I note that the minimum ArduSub version for the Navigator is 4.1.0, which makes me think it might work.)


Hi @ScottM,

It’s high on the list of “next things to work on”, and most of the underlying parts already exist (because it’s effectively a mix between the existing extension for the DVL, and porting over the Companion Software UGPS integration).

I’m hopeful there’ll be at least a beta extension for it by the end of this month, but that’s based on my current understanding of the work that needs doing and available resources, and is an estimate from me, not an established goal of the software team.

I believe the integration in the Companion Software supports both G1 and G2, and if that is indeed the case then I can’t see why the BlueOS integration wouldn’t also.

The Navigator provides sensors, outputs, and ports, but is not an independent flight controller board - the actual autopilot firmware runs on the Raspberry Pi as part of BlueOS, and the Companion Software is not set up to do that. The Companion Software was also only designed for the Raspberry Pi 3B, so cannot operate on a Raspberry Pi 4B without some changes to the code and libraries it uses.

I just came across this post again while searching for something else.

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