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[Autonomous BlueROV2] MavLink/Ardusub help

No, you need to tell the machine to stop with your code.

Something strange is when my QGC is connected, the machine will have a instantaneous forward movement action and then stop. While when my QGC is not connected, the machine will move all the time without stop.

Do you have a joystick connected to the computer running QGC, or the virtual joystick setting turned on?

I don’t have a joystick connected to the computer running QGC.
I think the master.mav.manual_control_send function is kind of virtual joystick. So when I call this function, I send an instantenous virtual joystick input to the machine.
I don’t know what kind of virtual joystick you mean. Is there any other forms of virtual joystick setting?

No, I think you are doing it right. I just want to make sure that QGC is not also sending MANUAL_CONTROL. Virtual joystick is to use touchscreen in QGC.

Show me exactly the code you are running with QGC to get this behavior. Let me know the version of QGC, companion, and ArduSub please.

My project is still on working, so I want to keep it private until it finish. Can you give an email address so that I can send you the code I am working on?
I will share my project on github when it accomplish my goal.


Try using ArduSub v3.5.3 (stable). Email support@bluerobotics.com.

Hello Jacob
I sent my email to your support address a week ago. Have you received my attachment? If any details unclear, I can explain.
Hope for your reply.
Thank you for your help!

I’m sorry I missed it. Please send it again.

hello, is your project finished? I need this spin. We designed a 4-engine vehicle, but we have a different configuration. We want it to autonomously draw a circle. What can we do.