Automatic Motor Setup and frame

I followed the steps and did individual tests to make sure air/water is being pushed toward the wire. They are all correct now. I attempt the auto thruster detection and it says Failed! Please check Thruster 1 and frame setup! Motor has timed out. Using 8 thruster heavy configuration and verified the frame along with polarity of thrusters through individual tests.

Hi @SaferHarbors,

Apologies for the delay on getting to this.

If you’re using a standard vehicle frame then this error will generally only occur when the thruster that is connected to output port 1 is not contributing to the vehicle motion in the expected way for the thruster labeled 1 in the selected vehicle frame.

That said, it’s also possible for the automatic direction detection to fail for non-standard vehicles (e.g. with unusual frames, or additional payloads attached that appreciably change the mass distribution or drag characteristics), or while in moving water instead of still (or testing in air). In those cases it’s required to do the manual configuration instead.

If your manual configuration allows you to successfully control the vehicle as expected then it should be fine to use - the automatic configuration is just there as a convenient time-saver for common vehicle setups :slight_smile:

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That makes perfect sense. I was air testing with the automatic test. I had 6 thrusters wrong. As soon as the polar vortex goes away I will go test our software.

Thanks again @EliotBR

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