Ardusub web interface refuses to connect in BlueROV2

I have a heavy BlueROV2 purchased in 2020. It has Ardusub firmware version 4.0.3 and I have had problems with the ROV taking off into a full dive when the depth hold is activated. I am trying to up date this firmware to version 4.1.0. I have used the web interface before and have set my network adapter up correctly with the settings.

I can ping the IP address of through the command window and I get a reply. Why is the web interface refusing the connection?
Thank you,

Hi @StSS, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you’re able to successfully ping then most likely the communication hardware connections and the main network setup are correct.

  • I assume your onboard computer (Raspberry Pi) is still running the Companion software (rather than BlueOS)?
    • Do you know which version you’re using?
  • How are you trying to connect to the web interface?
    • Does work?
    • Can you try clearing your browser’s cache, or try in an incognito/private window?

If that doesn’t work you can try doing ssh pi@ (password companion) to see if you’re able to connect and log in over ssh (to potentially do some further troubleshooting), but it may be simpler to flash on a new image, or preferably install BlueOS :slight_smile:

Thank you Eliot. I have to go out on a work trip with the ROV. I will try your suggestions when I get back. The version is 4.0.3 and I believe it was companion software not BlueOS. Do I need to connect directly to the board to install BlueOS?

You’ll need to open the enclosure and remove the SD card from the Raspberry Pi, and flash BlueOS onto it (or onto a different SD card, if you want a backup). Once BlueOS is installed the idea is that future updates should all be done via its web interface, and opening the enclosure should only need to happen again if your SD card gets corrupted (which ideally should never occur), or when you’re fixing / replacing / adding hardware :slight_smile: