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Ardusub version

Pixhawk Firmware Update,
Ardusub version : no found when i install the “stable version” and found 4.0.0 when i install “Beta version”
I need work with stable version.(it works with QGC 3.5.2 but with latency)
I formated in FAT32 the pixhawk sd card, update pixhawk direct with QGC or with…
Same problem
What can i do ??

Hi @JeanBenoit

I’ll look into this issue.
Meanwhile you can use the “Restore default firmware” Button, Companion 0.0.18 has ArduSub 3.5.4 as default firmware.

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“Restore default firmware” change nothing.
Sometimes he found Ardusub version, sometime he doesn’t find !!
Microsoft Edge ??

And vhen he don’t find, after few minutes, a lot of latency to control the gripper and the tilt of the camera

Is it still showing 4.0.0 after “Restore default Firmware”?
You can try manually downloading the Firmware here.

Do you mind sharing your mavproxy options at

After formatting the raspberry sd card and reinstalling the software as indicated, everything works.

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Hi willian,
it seems I have a similar problem , but the link to downloading the firmware doesn’t work anymore. Could you help me?

You can get 3.5.4 here:

Hi Wllian
we have been trying for two days to use our bluerov with a new Dell Inspirion I7 8 Gb RAM notebook with 2 Gb geoforce graphics card. Compared to the previous laptop we detect the following problems:

qgcontrol can’t racognize bluerov: in the PixHawk part “no version found” appear on the screen;
the image is not stable, but continues to be interspersed with a white screen.

Where does this show?

Check our common troubleshooting steps for poor video performance.
Specially, make sure that QGC is using the nvidia gpu and experiment changing power plans in windows and plugging-unplugging power to the laptop.

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Ciao Willian
Now qgc recognize bluerov but video quality is very poor.

we tried to solve the problems following your steps, but nothing. The natural question is: I7 8 Gb RAM geoforce 2 Gb is sufficient to obtain acceptable video quality? If not,  what are the minimum hardware requirements 

Cordiali Saluti
Nicola Keller
KDM Sub Service Srl
tel. +39 338 4247509

Hi @kdm,

It depends. there have been 10 generations of i7 now. I expect that the most recent (5 years or so) should be able to play it just fine. But we had reports of a i7-2630QM (released in 2011) not being able to keep up. For reference, the i7-2630QM scores lower than the new i310110U on benchmarks.

How is CPU and GPU usage? In Windows 10 you can check these in the task manager. You can use it to make sure that the GPU being used is the NVIDIA.

Hi Willian,

I don't know why, but the problem was solved  using another twisted pair of the tether.
 thank you for your time

Cordiali Saluti
Nicola Keller
KDM Sub Service Srl
tel. +39 338 4247509

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