ArduSub SITL with Bluesim: Unstoppable Circular Motion Issue - Looking for Insights


I’m currently struggling with a persistent issue while using the ArduSub SITL in conjunction with the Bluesim godot simulator. When I launch both, the simulated ROV starts to go in circles, as if one thruster is permanently on.
I noticed that there is an open issue on github that hasn’t been answered, so I’m hoping people here might be able to help me.

The procedure I’ve been following is adapted from the instructions in the Bluesim git repository:

  1. Install ardupilot build environment
  2. Launch SITL with the following command: -j6 -L RATBeach --frame JSON --out=udpout:
  3. Launch QGroundcontrol
  4. Start the bluesim executable.

Once I start the executable, the boat spawns, and looks normal for about 3 seconds, then it start going in circles.
QGroundcontrol connects, but disarming the ROV does not do anything, which makes me wonder if it’s a physics issue?

I’m hoping someone has dealt with this before and has some insight!