ArduSub limit state machine

Hi all, I am searching for the limit state machine diagram of Ardusub, means how and by which conditions for switching between Modes: Manual, Stabilize and Depth. Thank you!

Stabilize and manual mode can always be switched to. Switching to depth hold will fail only when there is no depth sensor attached, or if the depth sensor is failing.

Modes can be switched into for three reasons:
A joystick button was pushed by the pilot to switch the mode.
A ground control station sends a command to switch the mode.
A failsafe causes a mode switch (Depends on failsafe configuration).

Let me know if you are looking for some other information, we do not have a diagram for this.


Thanks for your answer, Jacob! Can you give more detail about the failsafe configuration of the ArduSub?

Hi @lamhung81, here is documentation on the failsafes in ArduSub: Redirecting...