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Anchor chain inspection - small sample

(Oystein Skarholm) #1

Did some chain inspection, quite some surface current pulling in the tether, more than 100m tether out at the anchor. gain 25%, easy as chips for the Blue


(Rusty) #2

Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

(Oystein Skarholm) #3

A few more pics see picture number 1 , under- always make sure to moor the BlueROV securely when not in use, Its a wild stallion :slight_smile:

But as one can see, the Emergency stop and the pause button is right in the middle of where its not wanted :slight_smile:

(Rusty) #4


We agree about the Emergency Stop and Pause button and they have been removed in recent updates to QGroundControl. That update is available in the ‘daily build’ version of QGC or you can wait for the next stable release.


(Oystein Skarholm) #5

Very good, I will download it and try it out later today. Another thing that would be very useful is to get a “flight freeze” button. Sometimes during inspection it would be handy to be able to “park” the ROV, either on the seabed, on top of a structure or even against a structure or underneath a vessel hull. Thrusting against any structures or down onto seabed and then hit the freeze button lets you take your hands of the controls. This is handy when in stand by as it gives the pilot a chance for a rest but still being on the job.

(Oystein Skarholm) #6

Do you have a link to the daily build version, please ?

(Rusty) #7

Hi Oystein,

We’re planning to add better links to this on our documentation, but for now, you can fine the daily builds here:


I would also recommend flashing the v3.5 release candidate to your Pixhawk to go with this update.


(Oystein Skarholm) #8

Thanks Rusty
Forgive me for my incompetance here, but when i click on the link to the v3.5 Relase - it opens as a web page and not as a downloadable file. Am I suppose to copy the to a textfile or something ?

(Rusty) #9

Hi Oystein,

No worries. Please right click and choose “Save as…”, which should allow you to save the file. We’re looking into how we can make that link download directly.