Ampere view problem

There is a problem with amp monitoring. It show -10,25 A when nothing is runing, if i use thrusters then the amp go to -3,4A.
My questions is. Shoud this amp view around zero when noting is in use, and when i run the thrusters then i should view ca 8A not -3,4A

Hi @Fjosen,

The current shown there is from the power sensor connected to your flight controller. If the values are incorrect then you either have the parameters for that set up incorrectly (most likely), or your battery monitor is connected improperly or is damaged.

What kind of battery monitor are you using, and how is it configured? In the Vehicle Setup / Power page of QGroundControl there should be a selected battery monitor type, and corresponding settings for the power sensor it uses. For the Blue Robotics ones there’s not much to configure, it just needs to be set to the correct one.