Altimeter / depth not indicated

HI there folks
Im pretty new to this forum and bluerov2. She is flying very nice but i cannot get a depth reading from the rov its always at 0m

Using a 30 bar sensor
Q ground control

any info would be great. Please nothing to technical

Please use the Blue Robotics version of QGC.

I am not sure if the software installed is the blue robotic version. Our technical guru is out of country at the moment… We are using Qgraoundcontrol v3.2.7{ a purple Q icon}

I’m not sure how much work is required once I start downloading that link you sent me and I don’t want to fluff it up

You should see “QGroundControl BlueRobotics-Rev” in the windows title.
To install QGC from jacobs link, you just need to select .exe if you are running windows, .dmg for mac or .AppImage for Linux, the entire process is very simple, like a normal application.

I have done this and installed it via the exe for windows 10. I have just the bastic screen now with depth showing but all controls have stopped work via the joypad. Installed the new low light camera also and there is now video feed coming back also

Ok i have everything back operating as normal. My only issue not is no live feed from low light camera. She is plugged into a set of 4 usb blocks behind the px hak board and under the edac1611 port

Are you running the last companion version ? (0.0.15-3)
Check the Companion Software Status in companion system page.

where will i find companion?

You need to do the software setup to be able to access companion via There you’ll find the system page.

@edwin The computer in the ROV has a little webserver that will provide these web pages when the ROV is powered on and connected to your computer.

after some research iv managed it… not easy for your average joe soap techi

Jacob, should I be using the Blue Robotics version of QGC for BlueRobotics ROV (non 2 - original)?

I’m currently using QGC v3.3.2 and Firmeare v 3.5.3

Thank you

We just announced some new stable software: Software updates 15 April 2019

The recommended software will always be available at: Downloads


Just to be clear. The new stable software updates of 15 April 2019 will work on the older BlueROV. Correct?

Thank you

@SuwOost it will depend on your electronics components, but yes!

Stock tank testing was successful with the new software update of 15 April 2019 running on my BlueROV.

I’m headed out today for an open water test session. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for your help.

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