AI on BlueOS - Improve your Workflows

AI on-board, right on the ROV

Bringing AI to BlueRobotics ROV (v1 = topside, v2 = could be on-board)

Automation aboard

Now you can automate your workflows with AI running on the ROV, never complete a mission without having collected all the data you need, reduce multiple missions for the same objective

Which use case would you prioritize for AI automation

  1. Inspection AI
  2. Exploration AI
  3. Data as a service AI
  4. Other

Hi @shanifm1,

It’s unclear what you’re wanting with this post. Are you trying to present some kind of AI solution that can run on BlueOS, or are you planning to develop something in that direction and would like some community input on what there’s demand for, or something else entirely?

Oh let me clarify my intent of posting this:

  • Looking for input from community on top BR ROV use cases/missions that should be candidates for application of AI and automation

Some examples of such could be:

  • ROV deployed in data collection of inspection of pipe flaws
  • ROV deployed in data collection of UW objects exploration

To help increase accuracy of above, AI can automatically scan incoming camera feed and auto-detect objects of interest to trigger correct type of imagery AND/OR commands to top-side control of ROV