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Adjusting Motors

Hi everyone,
I am working on an ROV with Navio2. I bought 4 T100 thrusters and blue esc. I don’t understand adjusting motors.
Firstly I choosed simple rov frame (4 motor) Then connected joystick to Ardusub. Joystick configuration completed. After that I connected a motor to Navio2 with esc.
Can someone explain how can I adjust motors? step by step please :slight_smile:
For example I am wondering how do I get the pwm values needed to run the motors?
I know it is not a specific question but I need to help. And so sorry my poor English :slight_smile:
I am waiting for helps…

The autopilot program (ardusub) should take care of producing the proper output signals for you. At this step, you should connect the navio to your computer and use QGC to control the vehicle. You should not need to do any programming, just a little bit of clicking, then go with the joystick.

Can you show us a picture of how everything is connected?