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Adding A PS3 Controller to send GPIO inputs to Raspberry Pi

I am currently working on a project to add a second drive train to the BLUE ROV 2. This drive train will allow the ROV to drive along side a wall via tank treads. The end product will be allowing the ROV to swim using the pixarc controller and then drive along the sides of ships and stuff like that using the ps3 controller. I have already written python code to control the motors for the tank treads via PWM signals on the Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs using a PS3 controller. I am now looking for ways to send the controller signal through the tether so I can have my controller on land and connect to the raspberry pi via the tether. Any thoughts on how to possibly do this.

Try udp sockets: https://wiki.python.org/moin/UdpCommunication

Thank you for the feedback. I ended up going a slightly different route. Using one raspberry pi on land connected through ethernet through the tether to another raspberry pi in the water. The pi on land connects to an xbox controller via bluetooth and reads the signals from the controller. Using the pigpio library I can remotely control the gpio pins of the pi in the water to control the various extra motors on the tank treads and other modules I have added to the pi. Its pretty nifty!

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