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Activate InputHold using pymavlink

I was trying to activate InputHold using pymavlink
Can anyone help me?

Hi @sudheeshk,

Check out pymavlink examples, there is Change flight modes that is exactly what you are looking for.

Hi patrick
I got an error as follows
(‘Try:’, [‘STABILIZE’, ‘POSHOLD’, ‘AUTO’, ‘GUIDED’, ‘MANUAL’, ‘SURFACE’, ‘ALT_HOLD’, ‘CIRCLE’, ‘ACRO’]) when i give mode as “InputHold”

Hi @sudheeshk,

Sorry, I misinterpreted your question!
Input hold happens when you press the joystick button assigned as input_hold_set.
For that, you’ll need to check Send Manual Control example and select the correct button for the input_hold and values for the X,Y,Z,R fields.
If you want to control the vehicle attitude, you can use set_attitude_target while in altitude hold.

Thanks for your response Patrick . I was thinking about a simple method.
can we set this mode directly by using named_value_float_send() pymavlink function?