Accessing the data voltage in the Celsius Temperature Sensor

I wonder if there is a way for me to print out the “raw” data voltage for every sample measurement.

Thank you

Hi @treeocean, sorry for the slow response to this.

What’s the intent here, and how are you connecting to the sensor?

Our TSYS01 libraries automatically perform the conversion from the sensor’s raw ADC readings to temperature values using the sensor’s stored calibration data (e.g. python library example), so if you wanted you could read the data the same way just without converting it into a temperature, but I’m not sure why that would be a useful thing to do.

If you’re connecting the sensor to a flight controller board (rather than a microcontroller or computer) then be aware that ArduSub is not set up to output or log the sensor’s ADC values, only the converted temperatures.

Hello, are we able to access to voltage to read the voltage in and voltage out (similar to a potentiometer) in order to adjust the accuracy on the celsius temperature sensor?


Just got around to this post, and it seems to be on the same topic as the earlier one so I’ve merged them together.

Please let me know if my response above does not answer your question :slight_smile: