About ping 360, ping sonar,

Firstly, we can not read and log data from Ping Sonar ALtimeter and Echoshoulder, Ping 360 scanning image sonar after the first time. Please, let me know how to test or repair these components

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It’s impossible to help you from so little information. I recommend you look at the guides sections of the Ping Sonar and Ping360 product pages for help with getting started. If that doesn’t work as expected, please describe how much you were able to follow, as well as what part of the process did not work, and how you can tell it’s not working (e.g. is there an error of some kind, or is the device not detected, or something else?)

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Can you help me with this situation?

The two sonars show the same port (9092), I can only connect to ping 360. When pressed on ping 1d, there is no value shown. And sometimes I can not find these devices on the ping viewer.

Do you know any solutions to this problem? Do you know how to change the port of those sonars?

Which software are you running on the onboard computer in your vehicle?

If you’re running BlueOS, can you turn on Pirate Mode and then update to the latest beta version (1.1.0-beta.15) from the Version Chooser page? Once that update is complete there should be a new “Ping Sonar Devices” page that shows any detected devices from the Ping family. Two different devices should not be showing up at the same port, so if they are then that’s a bug that we need to find and fix.

It is Companion software v0.0.31

Please, help me! On this Sunday, I have important experiments in the river. Do you have any solutions for above problems? And do you know maximum flow speed that BlueROV2 can operate stably ?

You mentioned the Ping360 is working, so I’ll assume the Ping Sonar (Ping1D) is the only one having issues here.

Our old Companion Software only ever started the Ping1D at port 9090, and the Ping360 at port 9092, so your Ping Viewer screenshot doesn’t make sense unless you’ve modified the Companion Software, or if you tried to manually connect to the Ping1D at the incorrect port (which will not work).

I’d recommend

  1. Check the Ping Viewer troubleshooting points
  2. Confirm that Ping Viewer correctly detects your Ping1D if you plug it directly into a USB port on your topside computer
    • if the sensor is damaged / faulty you’ll need to contact support@bluerobotics.com for help, but you won’t get a response until Monday at the earliest
  3. If the sensor works, try connecting it back to the onboard computer (Raspberry Pi), then reboot the vehicle and see if the sensor is detected
    • you should see pingproxy and pingmav listed in the Active Services in the Companion Web Interface
    • Ping Viewer should detect and show a Ping1D at port 9090
  4. If the sensor is working but the Companion software is doing something weird, it may be worth trying to flash on BlueOS and update to the latest beta as described in my earlier comment