600m in the Atlantic


Although I am a Blue ROV owner I thought I would post this as its to do with all things subsea.

This is a mosaic of 61 images from a project I have been involved in between the Atlantic and the Faroe Islands .

It took me a long time to line these images up but worth the effort. Its a shame I could only post in jpg as the original is over 1.0 gb in size. Have a close look at the sea bed the amount of life is amazing.

After surveying the seabed and looking and at all the contacts (over 10,000 at 0.5m) we chose 15 sites to look at with three high resolution stills cameras. The primary reason for this project was to look for sponge aggregations.

You are seeing some of the results.



Hi Julian,

This is very cool! The forums have some limitations on file type and file size. Are you able to upload the images somewhere else that they could be downloaded, such as Dropbox or Imgur?

I’d love to see this in higher resolution.


How are you capturing these pictures? Is it with the BlueROV2 or another vehicle?


Do you have an icloud account?




With these puppies mounted on an survey ROV working in 650m of water depth.

CathX cameras

Hi Julian, I do, I’ll PM you.

Hi Julian,

I created a jpeg from your large file. The quality is reduced a bit, but you can still zoom in and see everything pretty clearly. This is an amazing picture!


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Awesome photo mosaic you put together. What software do you use to put it together?

Thanks for sharing.

Amazing work! Welldone!