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4K Tow camera and rugged PC

Hi all,
Just thought I’d share a video of our 4K tow camera built with many BR parts. We also built a PC housed in a Pelican case to run QGroundControl/NMEA Router etc. There’s a sunlight-readable screen, USB ports for peripherals, network switch to add more networked devices, and an HDMI-out port for connecting to larger/multiple displays.

Get in touch if you’d like more info.



Hi @spotxuv! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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@spotxuv I have been wanting to build a case like that. How do you attach those panels to the case? Does the case have screw mounts or are they just glued in?

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There’s a few different ways to do it (including with glue in mounts), but the best (efficient/simple) way is to use a case that has purpose built mounts. In this size range the Nanuk 935 is good as it has built in lugs for securing panels using self tappers (both top and bottom sections).

This case is the slightly smaller Pelican 1450, which has a separate panel mount accessory which sits on top of built-in stand-offs inside the case. The panel screws down into threaded inserts in the panel mount, and then you screw the panel mount into the side of the case to secure everything.

Let me know if you’d like assistance with a custom design as we can design/cut/laser engrave in-house and have most of the common connector CAD files on hand ready to use.


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Thanks. It might be a while before I upgrade.

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