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4" (with domes) and 3" (flat end caps) aluminum housing screws

Please help! I am looking to purchase extra screws/compatible screw sizes (or the correct conversion) of all the screws needed to fully deploy a 4" aluminum housing with acrylic domes and a 3" aluminum housing with flat end caps. I do not want to order the wrong sizes so I figured I would ask the source.

Hi @clapniewski,

Both the 4" dome and the 3" flat endcaps use M3x12 screws.

You can find out what kind of screws an endcap uses by looking in the “Contents” section on an endcap product page.

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Thanks DanielG! Do you have an idea of the thread count?

@clapniewski, they have a 0.5 mm thread pitch.

Glad to help!

Thanks again!