4" Endcap and Flange (old model) not fitting together?

Hello! I am trying to fit the 4" flat acrylic endcap with the 4" aluminum housing but the parts do not seem to fit together and stop at the O-rings. Both parts are not of the locking series. If I take the O-rings off, however, they seem to fit OK. Do you think it’s the O-rings or should I just push a little harder? Cheers in advance for your answers!

Hi @Tides,

Due to manufacturing tolerances the flanges can be quite a tight fit in the tubes, which is part of why we changed to precision machined ends for the locking enclosures.

Some things to double check before the “just push a little harder” step:

  • there is an escape path for the air
    • e.g. an open vent on the end cap, or on the other side
  • the o-rings are positioned correctly
    • the thinner one should be used for the face seal between the end-cap and the flange
    • the two thicker ones should be used for the radial seal between the flange and the tube
  • there is silicone grease on the o-rings
    • no grease reduces the effectiveness of the seal, and would add significant friction when assembling

To get more power to close the aluminium tubes:
Push the endcap as long as you can by hand, making the o rings seal.
Use the vacum tester to get the vacum to close.
(no fingers between tube and flange…)

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Thanks so much, @EliotBR ! Added more grease and with a little push the parts came together. Cheers mate!

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Thanks for the tip @Boko ! Was able to get them together with more grease but this is also a great solution! Cheers!