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4" Enclosure Leak Problem

There were a lot of vapor and water droplets inside the enclosure. First, we thought it was just the damp inside the enclosure. We opened the enclosure from the lid at the dome-side. Then we closed the dome again. We realized that the lid comes off really easy and when we try to vacuum the tube, air comes in from flanges edge. What could be the problem?

First check the O ring and O ring grove for dirt, hair, cracks etc.
Check sealing surface on dome for scratches, dirt or cracks.
Clean everywhere and grease O ring very thin.

The dome should be in contact with 4" tube O ring grove, and black console on the outside of the dome
(I managed to put it together the other way once)

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Hi @Efe, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Bo’s suggestions are all good things to check. I’d also recommend making sure the o-rings make a clean seal all around the enclosure - there shouldn’t be any gaps where part of an o-ring isn’t pressed flat against the side, or where the pressed surface gets thinner or thicker than the parts to either side.

If all of that is fine I’d suggest checking that the dome and retaining ring sit flat, and haven’t been warped or cracked by uneven pressure from the mounting screws.

It could also be worth replacing the o-rings, especially if that end cap has been removed many times.

Thanks for all suggestions. We solved the problem somehow. It seems like, a penetrator got loose. We tightened the screw and problem solved :slight_smile:

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