2x 80 w led light

here is some of my new mods .
2x 80w led light
eksternal camera housing with wather tight servo for tilt .


Nice! Can you give some details for your mods? BOM? Water tight servo???

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I used a high torque servo from ebay

And i made a watertight enclosere on my CNC mill .
Cable penetrators form Blue robotics , and shaft seal from the Ikelite video housing .

drawing from Autodes fusion

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Led light is 36v 100w led cip

I use one step up power to suply both led chips .

I use a micro servo to adjust the voltage on the step up power .
current limitation set to suply max 160w .

There is a seperate enklosure with 12 18650 batteries ( 6s x 2 ) only cable with pwm, goes to the rov housing

nice project you have made there. I also think of making some strong led lights. but I did not quite understand how to regulate the lights. do you manage to regulate them completely from zero to full strength

yes i can regulate them with the pixhawk pwm output .


Where did you get Ikelite shaft seal? I have tried to find them but I was not succed. Nice construction for the lights, I have the same components for a additional lighting project.


I used an old video housing for my ROV build

so I removed the shaft seals , and replased them with Cable seals