2 Ping Sonars on one ROV

Hi, everyone!

I’m attempting an ROV build with 2 ping sonars.
One facing down for depth. Another forward for obstacle awareness.

How would this look in terms of identifying both pings in the system?
Could there be any conflict in between em?

Hi @Scottsky,

Cool idea!
It would be neat if we could integrate this kind of thing into BlueOS, so I’ve added a note about it here :slight_smile:

That depends a bit on what else is in your system.

If you’re using a system with MAVLink communication and a Raspberry Pi Companion computer (as in our BlueROV2) then our Companion software will automatically detect both Ping sonars, and use the first one to send DISTANCE_SENSOR MAVLink messages. While the second one would be detected it wouldn’t be used by default, and would need to be set up to communicate, potentially making use of the RNGFND2 Parameters (since the existing code uses RNGFND1).

I’m unsure whether it would be easy or difficult to get the readings displayed in QGroundControl - I would need to look more into it. I don’t believe we have obstacle avoidance built in to any of our existing flight modes, so it would likely be confined to ‘awareness’ for now unless you implemented your own control overrides or something :slight_smile:


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