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Working with divers

(Terry Eglinton) #1

I spent the Christmas break working with some divers. Protocols and communications.
Here is an abridged version of the video:

(Rusty) #2

Awesome video! Can you tell us more about the dive site and the mission?

(Terry Eglinton) #3

Hi Rusty,
The training was carried out at Stoney Cove dive centre, here in the U.K. I have been asked to monitor divers so that the dive master can see the divers and the job. Up to recently they only had voice communication and “situation awareness” is difficult with voice alone.
Therefore I got together with some scuba instructors to work out some protocols and methods of communications. Safety always first, lots of briefings before going in the water, but I think this could be a big step forward in diver safety.

(Rusty) #4

Hi Terry,

Awesome! That’s great. I think ROVs used in conjunction with divers is a great combination and can provide better safety and job management in the field. We’ve often used the BlueROV2 to find a target in poor visibility with no dive-time restrictions and then the divers can follow the tether down and do their work. Sometimes just finding a target can take the whole dive, otherwise!


(Elisa) #5

Hi @Teggles!

This is super cool! I agree with Rusty - I think ROVs working in tandem with divers makes for much safer missions. Would you mind if we shared this on our social media some time in the future?



(Terry Eglinton) #6

Hi Elisa,

Yes, of course. Where are you based? Can I ask that you attribute the video to Hexcam, Norfolk, UK.


(Elisa) #7

Hi Terry,

Excellent! Thank you. I would be happy to credit Hexcam. We are based in California, USA :slight_smile:

(Terry Eglinton) #8

Apologies, Elisa I didn’t notice that you were BlueRobotics staff. :roll_eyes: