Windows Tablet For Fathom X Setup

I am looking to buy a windows tablet for use with QGroundControl. I am looking at a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with an i5 and 4meg of RAM. Is this going to be enough or do I need to go for the 8meg model ? What other windows tablets are people using?

Hi Oliver,

I’ve had my Surface Pro 4 (i7 16GB RAM model) for about a year now and it’s been great for operating a BlueROV2. I went with the higher end model because I have some more advanced mapping programs that needed the extra power, but you should be fine with the i5 and 4GB RAM.

Make sure you also look into the rugged cases for the Pro 4: Microsoft Surface Pro Rugged Cases | Tough Surface Pro Protective Case I tote mine around with me everywhere now.

I use the 8GB version and it works fine for my setup. I had some initial trouble when I was using a screen recorder that was using too much CPU, but all good now. The screen is bright, but it still benefits from a shade hood.