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White haze inside main tube

(Brandon) #1

Hi guys,

I have started assembling the main tube and it has developed a white haze on the inside that is not coming off.

What I have done up to this point:

  • Sanded the ends
  • wiped the tube out, did not wash just wiped with a cloth
  • Silicone the O-rings and installed the end caps
The white haze looks like the white epoxy but I had not used any epoxy at that point. Its pretty much everywhere except for the flat viewing plate for the camera. I really don't care that it is there, although it is ugly, but I don't want it to develop on the viewing plate. I'm thinking it has something to do with the silicon and sanded acrylic? am I crazy to think that..? Like I say I never washed it out after sanding just wiped it. I needed it put together to take some measurements and test fit. The area where the o ring sits has the same build up and its very hard which makes me thing the acrylic dust must be reacting with the silicon.

again, just want to know what i did wrong so it doesn’t show up on my viewing plate. I have scene washed it out.


(Brandon) #2

I know people think I stuck my hand in there with epoxy residue on it. Like I say i didn’t even touch the tube once i went to epoxy the wire pass though fittings.

Also my tube is a custom length at 18" long my hand can not reach the center. this has been caused by something else.

(Jacob) #3

Has it been anywhere near superglue? The superglue vapors will leave a film, that can usually be buffed off if you rub hard with a cloth.

(Brandon) #4

Jacob I think you nailed it! I used CA, super glue, to seal the Ethernet wires that same night and used the tube on its end with the end cover to hold the wires in place. the vapors would of most certainly been trapped in there. probably what it was. it will scrape off, well kind of it leaves a haze but its not white.

Like I say i really don’t care about the tube I just didn’t want it to show up on my end plate the camera looks though.

(Rusty) #5


That’s very strange - I’ve never seen that. My first thought was also the superglue or CA glue vapor. If you’ve never touched it then it’s definitely some sort of chemical reaction. Is it around any other chemicals?


(Harold Scadden) #6

What the residue could be is if you touched the sides as you were sliding your hand in etc. and the CA fumes … well they will make the oils from your skin standout. It is an old sleaze trick on trying to get fingerprints to standout etc. on various surfaces.