Which parameters to compare when choosing camera for underwater operation?

I’m working on an ROV and have the task of selecting a camera for underwater operation. Our goal is surveillance of underwater objects at a maximum depth of 300m.

Which parameters of cameras should I compare? Like resolution, light sensitivity, sensor size etc.
Also, should i only choose underwater camera like the BlueRobotics camera or DWE Camera because they are low light cameras? Or can i go with any camera with good specifications?

Hi @avatar, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’ve previously written about some of the most important parameters in the “camera” toggle section of this post - hopefully that’s helpful.

Different cameras have different tradeoffs that work better or worse for a given scenario, and a “good” camera for one use-case is not necessarily good underwater. That said, there are very few (if any) camera sensors that are specifically designed for underwater use - it’s more a question of whether you or someone else should go through the selection process to determine a set of features that will work well together in that environment.

It’s definitely possible to find a camera that happens to work well underwater without it being advertised for that, but the ones that are sold as underwater cameras are more likely to have a good selection of the available features at the price point they’re sold at.