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When will BlueESC be available?

Hi IP68,

We’ve had some delays with the revision of the BlueESC, but we are still working on it! I can’t give a good estimate of a release date, but we will definitely make sure everyone knows when it is ready.


Hi! Just for mye learning; what is the difference from a BlueESC and the Standard 30A ESC with firmware? Thanks!

Hi Morten,

Unlike the BasicESC, the BlueESC is built into the thruster, mounting between the nosecone and thruster core. This allows the ESC to be water cooled, a nice feature for long endurance and high power applications where a separately air cooled ESC is either inconvenient or not possible. With the ESC integrated into the thruster, power and signal wires run through the same cable, making wiring easier and saving space as well.


Thanks Adam,
your update is much appreciated.
My whole project is put on hold due to this, so anytime soon would be
perfect :wink:


Will the next revision of blueESC be driven by pwm or i2c?


Probably pwn since they get connected to the pixhawk.I don’t think the pixhawk can output to i2c devices like thrusters.

HI Jérôme,

The news revision of the BlueESC will only be operable through PWM, and will no longer have I2C functionality.


And no data from the ESC (temperature, current, or speed)?



Yes, that is correct. Without the I2C interface there will be no telemetry available. I2C was designed for intra-board communication on the same PCB, and could be unreliable for communication with the BlueESC over the signal cable, especially when it was extended. Ultimately, due to the reliability issues, BlueESC I2C operation was more trouble that it was worth for us and most of our customers. We decided to eliminate it in the BlueESC revision in the interest of maximizing reliability.


I’m not a pro, I don’t know much about all that… But I would be happy to have the temperature and the speed and the top would be the current (even if we still have to use the PWM to drive the motors)…
At least just having the opportunity to put the ESC outside would be nice.



Still no date for the BlueESC? Will the BlueESC available for the T200 only? Or will it be also for the T100?


Hi Jérôme,

The revised BlueESC is still under development, and there is no estimated date of availability at this time. We plan to have the BlueESC available for both the T100 and T200. I know this is taking more time than most people expected, we are taking our time to get it perfect and setting very high reliability goals!


Thanks for the answer. This is true that I really prefer to wait and have it prefect :slight_smile: But I’m starting to have the need for two new T200. I was wondering if I should wait a little or buy it now with old fashion ESC.



While we can’t say when the revised BlueESC will be available, it is likely going to be at least another couple months. The BasicESC is very reliable and a solid option, I’m sure it will work well for you if you can’t wait that long.


We would like to buy a number of T200 thrusters with the BlueESC. We note that a few weeks ago, you projected another couple of months for the BlueESC. However, we also note that you thought you were only a month or so out, last March. So, the question is, how confident are you that we can expect the BlueESC to become available in the next 60 days or so?

We will wait if the confidence level is high. But if that is too much to expect, then waiting only to find it will be even further into the future, will leave our plans frustrated.

If we were to use the Basic ESC, how far from the motor can it be mounted, and how much extra wiring does that entail?


Hi donoldham,

The current best estimate is still for at least another couple months, though it may and likely will take longer. I can definitely say with confidence that the revised BlueESC will NOT be available within 60 days. There is a lot of development and testing work to be done, and we’ve discovered many new things during this ongoing process which allow us to improve the design and make it more reliable. However, this does take time.

At this time, we do not have an estimated date of availability of the revised BlueESC, but I stand by my previous statement that it will not be available for at least another few months, but further in the future. We know how important this product is for a lot of people, and we will be releasing it when it it ready!

The BasicESC is a solid, reliable, and proven option that is available now, so I strongly recommend using that instead presently rather than waiting. We do not recommend a wire length of more than about 2m or so between the thruster and ESC with the stock 18AWG cable, but you can extend this further if you use a heavier wire gauge to minimize voltage drop.There is not really much additional wiring to do for the BasicESC beyond attaching it to the thruster, the key difference is that the BasicESC must be inside a watertight enclosure, so this takes up a bit more space. Just like the BlueESC, you only need to provide power and PWM signal to the ESC.


Any news about the BlueESC release date? its been almost a year :slight_smile:

Hi Ahmed,

The Blue ESC is not currently under active development. We may work on it again in the future, but we have no present plans.


Okay, Do you have any alternative ideas of how can i get a feedback such as (RPM,Position,…) from my thrusters (T100)?

Thanks in advance

@Ahmed, you will need to use an ESC that supports such features. There are BLHeli32 escs which can give you rpm (at speeds greater than 1000rpm). There are only a few other more expensive escs based on FOC that can give you position feedback.

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