M100 + BlueEsc

How to order a M100 with a BlueEsc?

There is neither an option to buy it “pre-built” (like the T) nor can is there an option to order the BlueEsc separately in the shop…

I would assume these would fit together

It looks like the BlueESC is designed to be mounted to the T100/T200 thruster frame so I think you might have a hard time mounting it in your application.

Well - the documentation explicitly mentions BlueEsc:M100 Motor Documentation you must be able to buy it…

just to quote the section I am referring to:

Normally the BlueESC sold pre-installed on the T100 and T200 Thrusters, however it can be purchased separately for use with the M100 and other motors. Connecting the BlueESC is very similar to connecting the basic ESC.

If you read the most recent Blog post from August 27 you will see under Current Progress that there was a delay with the BlueESC back in June that has now been resolved, but they are still completing their backlog of Kickstarter rewards. I assume that once all of those are filled, the BlueESC will show up in the store.

The M100 is “Available on backorder” so I would assume the same applies to “blueesc” - which is OK.

But it is not there at all.

Looks like you’re right, I stand corrected. I would email B.R. directly regarding the ESC’s availability.

Hi Martin,

The M100 can be connected and run with a BlueESC. It doesn’t integrate into the motor nicely like it does with the thruster but it is still a waterproof ESC for the motor. We don’t currently have the BlueESC listed separately from the thrusters. I apologize for the confusing text in our documentation. I will change that.

If you’d like to order one separately, please shoot an email to info@bluerobotics.com and we can do that.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.