What kind of electronics are inside of Thruster motor?

There are some beeps when we turn on the motor. What kind of electronics are inside. ? I dont see any reference about. If it stay powered in neutral about 20 minutes the beeps starts in 1 Hz.

Hi @acjacques,

There are no electronics at all inside the thrusters besides the BLDC motor itself. The beeps are coming from the motor, but they are actually generated by the ESC, its using the motor as a speaker.


Ok. Now make sense.

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Hi,I am confused about the beeps inside the thruster module.Sometimes it beeps twice when it is powered on then it works well,but when it beeps only once, the motors won’t respond. what is wrong with the motors when it only beeps once?I have detected the voltages, it seems fine,

Hi @leaf,

If you’re using our Basic ESC: